Assisted vs. Independent Living – What’s the difference?

Assisted Living and Independent Living are the two most popular options in senior living communities. While the two are similar and enjoy many of the same benefits and amenities, they do have a number of key differences that are important to ponder when looking at senior living.

What is Independent Living and Assisted Living?

Independent living is designed for seniors who are still active and require little to no support with the activities of daily living. Assisted living offers caregiver support and assistance with the daily tasks – like dressing, showering and managing medication.

What are the biggest differences between Independent Living and Assisted Living?

In Independent Living, enjoy life on your terms! No need to worry about maintenance, household chores, and be surrounded with activities & amenities. Assisted living enjoy all the amenities of a senior living community, but they get a little extra help to seize the day.

Where will my medical and social needs be met best?

Independent Living residents may not need medical assistance daily, but they crave living in a social setting with other retirees. AL may be the right fit for those who need basic medical services, help with daily routines, and want to be in an active community with others.

Who is ideal for each living option?

Ideal for active seniors who thrive independently but want to live in a senior living community for the amenities. Plus, they want to age in place. Ideal for seniors who need some assistance with specific daily tasks, but still thrive in an active and social lifestyle.

Which living option is the best fit for you and your loved one? Learn more about what Independent Living and Assisted Living look like at Edencrest here. Living Options – Edencrest Senior Living (