The Comforts of Home

Now Offering 5% lifetime rent discount to those who are a veteran, retired firefighter, EMT or police officer.

Now Offering 5% lifetime rent discount to those who are a veteran, retired firefighter, EMT or police officer.

Putting the Serve in Services

There’s nothing wrong with a to-do list, but it should be a list of wants, not needs. Paint that picture. Read that novel. Go on that excursion. Let us handle the daily details, whether you’re living independently or need a little assistance along the way.

Moving in? We’ll help lessen the hassle. Need to get to an appointment but your driving days are behind you? We’re on it. Housekeeping concerns? You’ll worry no longer.

Bottom line, life is for the living and at Edencrest that’s exactly what you’ll do – Live to the fullest while we handle the rest!

A Life of Convenience

We’ve put a lot of thought into the lifestyle our residents enjoy. You’ll find that careful, thoughtful planning in all the amenities we offer. From gorgeous outdoor spaces to satisfy everything from green thumbs to the need to relax in the shade; to indoor conveniences like a beauty salon and a movie theatre that always plays the classics.

The amenities don’t stop outside your door. Rather, we ensure our residents have all the comforts they could hope for INSIDE their living spaces. That includes:

A Place Where Friendships Thrive

Often, the neighbors and companions who shared our journey as parents and grandparents have gone their separate ways and there’s a gap to be filled. Here at Edencrest, we thrive on making friendships thrive and we mean it.

Mind, body and spirit will be uplifted through our countless activities. Love to exercise? Find like-minded friends while working up a sweat. Foodie? Meet your neighbors over a meal and finish it off with a walk in one of our outdoor spaces. Love the arts? Take a trip with your newfound friends to a theatre or local museum.

Community matters. We don’t believe you’re ever past the point of making new friends or building new connections. You just need the right environment for those important social bonds to begin to take root.

FOX Rehabilitation

FOX Rehabilitation is here to help residents achieve the best life possible, through physical and occupational therapy and speech-language pathology. FOX is a private practice that provides outpatient services to older adults in their homes.

FOX Restoring Balance

In collaboration with the nursing team, FOX clinicians are accessible onsite for fall risk screening. When indicated and used properly, screens allow clinicians to identify risk, intervene, and prevent or reverse functional decline. Together, we look forward to engaging residents in this program and maximizing their safety.

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